1.   The ISGec - INFORMATION SYSTEMS GOVERNANCE european clubis an European and Private Club, which integrates high leading and suitable Persons, interested in improving and developing the Professional role & performances of Top Managers, the University teaching of Information, Information Systems and Information Systems Governance, in coherence with the contents of the European Manifesto for the Information Systems Governance (ISGec–2009), and with all the other documents issued by ISGec - through research, exchange of ideas and experiences or Scientific reflections on the problems of Information Systems Governance.

The National Delegate (ND/NP) of the ISGec in each country, is appointed by the International Board, upon subscribed proposal from the President and a Vice President or a subscribed proposal from 2 Vice-Presidents of ISGec.

The ND/NP can, after 5 years of collaboration with the International Board of the ISGec, be elected to Vice President of ISGec International.

2.    The ND/NP’s mission is:

a)  To represent the ISGec in the country;

b)  To preside over the National Chapter of ISGec;

c)To develop / promote the ISGec National activities and invite Personalities to integrate the ISGec as Partners/Associés/Sócios or Associates/Invités/ Convidados, in accordance with the Professional and Scientific profiles determined by the International Board.

3.  There are three kinds of ISGec Members: European Partner/Associé Européen / Sócio Europeu, National Partner/Associé National /Sócio Nacional and Associate/Invité / Convidado.

a)   National Partner/ Associé National/Sócio Nacional

                                     i.        Should belong or have belonged to an Organization’s Top Management Level, having or having had responsibilities in the area of Management and/or Information Systems of Medium or Large Organizations, in Public Administration or being or have been a University Professor for more than 10 years in the area of Information Systems;

                                    ii.        Should be older than 45 years and be proposed by at least 2 National Partners/2 Associés Nationaux / 2 Sócios Nacionais and be approved in a National Chapter’s meeting;

b)   European Partner/Associé Européen /Sócio Europeu

                                     i.        To become European Partner/Associé Européen /Sócio Europeu, one must fulfill the requirements mentioned in i) and ii) plus to have personal /physically been to at the least one meeting of the International Board; 

c)    Associate/Invité/Convidado:

                                     i.        Should be a line Management Director of a Medium or Large Organizations with responsibilities in the area of Management or  Information Systems Management ;

                                   ii.        Should have a degree/University specialization in the areas of Management Information Systems and/or  Information Systems;

                                  iii.        Should be older than 35 years and be proposed by, at least, 2 National Associates/Invités Nationaux/Convidados Nacionais, and be approved at a meeting of the National Chapter;

                                  iv.        Should have one physical presence, in at least one National Club meeting.

4.    It is for the ND/NP to prepare, annually, until the 31 of January, a Plan of Actions for the National Chapter and submit it to the International Board of the ISGec International for approval.

5.   The ND/NP should participate in the drafting of the Technical and Scientific documents of the Club, and shall assume and fulfill the content of documents and guidelines already issued by the Board of ISGec.

6.   It is ND/NP’s obligation to attend, or be represented at the annual meetings of the International Board of ISGec; the unexcused absence to 2 consecutive meetings may take the Board to the resignation of the ND/NP and the appointment of a new ND/NP.

7.    The ND/NP should keep the National’s website updated, as well as the Club’s database, for all the Partners/Associés/Sócios and Associates/Invités/Convidados of the Club, and should give knowledge to the ISGec’s Board of new admissions (and also the exits) of Partners/Associés/Sócios and Associates/Invités/Convidados of ISGec in their country.

8.    The ND/NP shall provide the Board of ISGec with all the information asked, concerning the life and activities of the National Chapter.

Twice a year (May and October) the ND/NP should send to the ISGec Board a report about the activities developed in his Chapter.

9.    Each ND/NP will organize the National Chapter in accordance with the size and the activities to develop, but should always:

a)    Identify at least 2 Vice-Presidents.

b)    Achieve, at least, 2 annual public events aimed at  institutionalize and promote of the fundamental objectives of the Club (in accordance with the Information Systems Governance European Manifest, 2009):

1.  To promote the high level performance of Information Systems Governance,  in the context of Organizations;

2.   To dignify the Information Systems Governance Professionals;

3. To promote, in the Society context, the Scientific and Technical Institutionalization of Information Systems Governance.

10. The ND/NP responds to the President and the Board of ISGec, by the good name and by the Scientific and Technical image of Information Systems Governance european club and only the ND/NP has a mandate and statute to represent the Club in their country.